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Golf Channel Begins its Coverage of the LPGA Tour

The Golf Channel this weekend will begin its coverage of LPGA tournament action. Over 300 hours of tournament coverage will … [Read More...]




PlayKleen isn’t your typical golf equipment.  It’s special.  PlayKleen gives you an opportunity to play better than … [Read More...]

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Golf Channel Studio

The last week was a really fun one. I had the opportunity to spend a week in the studio at the Golf Channel Headquarters covering the Kraft Nabisco Championship. My first observation…there is a lot more to the TV side of golf than you can possibly imagine. Jeez Louise…that’s the best way I know to […]


TV Time. . .

Well…what can I say? Things have been busy to say the least… Let’s start with my family. .. Paul is amazing…as usual… Morgan is getting so big so fast…it is crazy… LexiLou (our dog) is still half human and conveniently deaf… The Kuehne Klan is the Kuehne Klan… -Hank is playing again in the PGA […]


This and That…

Well…where do I begin?  Actually…I’m not even going to go there.  It’s April and the Masters starts tomorrow. Hot Damn…I have the Masters App downloaded on my phone and my iPad so I can obsess and watch like all of the other crazy golf fans.  I don’t watch a lot of golf…but the Majors are […]